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New Star wars Land – Walt Disney World FL 

The articles keep coming in and the hype is just getting started as Disney has released new information about the new theme park of Star Wars Galaxy Edge. To be opening on August 29, 2019, seems far but in reality, it’s just around the corner and Disney has already opened the applications to confirm new employees for the land.

Disney World has been covering up all of the lands currently with wall barriers, however this past week they gave the media sneak peeks of the land! As you can see above in the two photos!

Batuu, the world of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, is a work in continued work in progress at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. Construction workers are hard at work creating this planet landscape, currently with steel structures, domes, towering spires and hammering heavy machinery — in preparation for its debut four months in the future.

With all Disney projects, there’s plenty stories and hidden details built throughout all of  Galaxy’s Edge, from grooved rockwork in the tunnel that visitors walk through to get to Batuu from the Grand Avenue side of the theme park.

Once the area opens Aug. 29, visitors will walk through the darkened entrance, veer right, walk past the grooves and into the light.

The first guest will see is black spires, the depth of the landscape.  There are copper and lead roofs in the distance. The fin of a cargo plane peeks over the top. Bridges, ramps and curved buildings stand tall. There are tanks and pieces of ships. In the vicinity will be an ancient marketplace, an open-air restaurant with roasted beasts and locations to buy droids and lightsabers.

Then the most important and breathtaking sight will be at the end of the two white tanks and tower, which will behold the Falcon. That’s as in Millennium Falcon, the famed Star Wars vessel and centerpiece of Smugglers Run, the attraction that will open with Galaxy’s Edge.

Another attraction — Rise of the Resistance — will open later in the year.  However, a nearly identical version of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will debut in late May at Disneyland.

There’s still a lot of work to be done in the land, and Disney wants to make sure every detail has integrity and is part of the story.

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*Photo Credits to the Orlando Sentinal and Disney World