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Extravagant Vacation Villas In FL

Summertime is when vacations are in full swing, and why not substitute a hotel resort stay for a vacation villa instead? Want your own basketball court, lazy room, themed rooms, and even an ice skating rink? Well, look no further this resort in Florida has villas with some serious facilities that you might not have even known you wanted on a family break.

Reunion Resort in Orlando is a hidden playground within 2,300-acres of grounds, there are more than 400 villas, three golf courses, and a five-acre water park.

So if you’re planning a trip to the city’s famous theme parks, like Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando, you might also want to consider topping off your break with one of these not-so-subtle stays.

The houses display varying degrees of their own unique top of the line features.

A flight simulator, the immersive dinosaur-themed room or an amazing arcade games room. Plus, gigantic private pools with your own lazy river. And if you want to get some golf practice in making sure to rent the vacation villa with its own golf simulator – the same property also has its own indoor ice rink.

Prices vary on each villa and the season. Also, most of these villas sleep 8 to17 guests. To read more about this article click HERE!